Apex Hunting Archery Gift Guide for Women

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Did you know? One of the fastest growing demographic across all sports is women picking up Archery.

More bows than ever before are being made to suit ladies of all ages so its a prime time to jump right in and get them started the right way.

Apex Hunting offers the best archery gift packs for women to begin archery with. Select from any of the compound bows, recurve bows and longbows on this page and treat them to a lifelong hobby with quality gear right from the start.


The first step in buying an archery set as a gift is to consider what type of bow they will like.

Compound bows are the most popular beginner bows as they are adjustable in draw weight and length so you can be sure they will suit. They are also far more accurate and powerful so a new archer will be more successful from the start. If bowhunting or competitive target shooting are in the scope, as well as something for a bit of fun at home, check out our range of compound bows. Our current best value snatch is the Hoyt Ignite Field Ready pack!

Recurve bows and Longbows will appeal to the more traditional types. They are harder to shoot accurately which is sure to entertain those looking for more of a challenge. When picking a starter recurve bow for women, try to keep the draw weight between 20-35lbs as we find this is the average size for ladies that walk in to our shop. You really can't go wrong with recurve or longbow, they keep it simple and will provide years of target shooting fun. We usually suggest the Samick Polaris for a recurve bow, and the Apex Heritage for a longbow.

If the bow is going to be used at home, make sure you pick up a Foam target too!

Remember, archery gear can be fairly specific, so even though this is a prime selection for beginner to intermediate, contact us if you get stuck on what to choose!

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