Apex Hunting Archery Gift Guide for Youth

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Get your children something they will love to go outdoors with.

Apex Hunting has the broadest range of youth compound bows and recurve bows to help kickstart archery the right way! Our bows suit kids from 6 years old up to 18 and will last them a very long time. If you've got an enthusiastic young outdoorsman or a little one who spends a bit too much time on the iPad, get them a bow! They will learn a lifelong skill and develop a hobby that they can't put down.


We have everything from basic starter packs for a bit of backyard fun, up to mid range bows that will last them from ages 6 up to 18 and allow competitive target shooting or bowhunting. Draw weight is the biggest thing to consider for younger kids, so to keep it simple here are our recommendations from our professional in house archery coaches based on the average size children that come into our shop;

Age ↓ - Draw Weight Compound Bow Recurve Bow
6-8 10lbs 10lbs
8-10 10-15lbs 10-12lbs
10-12 10-20lbs 10-16lbs
12-14 15-25lbs 15-22lbs
14-18 20lbs-40lbs 18-30lbs

Compound Vs Recurve/Longbow

This is a very intricate question that we could talk about for hours, but again we'll keep it simple;

Compound bows are more powerful and accurate, some are also highly adjustable in draw weight and length so they can really grow with your child. At full draw, they "let off" and the cables hold most of the weight, so you can aim for longer and be more consistent on release. Without a doubt, this is what we recommend for any beginner archer of all ages, since they'll be more successful to begin with and the technique they learn quickly will help them in all areas of archery. For our budget bows, check out the 10lbs Camo Compound bow for younger kids, the Rookie for ages 10-12 or the Champion II for 12-14. For a mid range bow that will suit all archers and last until they are adults, check out our Blizzard compound bow. If you want to step it up even higher, we have the Hoyt Ignite package, which we also recommend to full grown archers as a good starter bow for life.

Recurve bows on the other hand, as well as Longbows, are more challenging and traditional. We find about 40% of our young customers lean towards recurve bows as they keep it simple and interesting. This is also what you want to get if your children are into movies like The Hunger Games or the The Avengers! One of the other benefits of a recurve bow is that they are typically cheaper and lower maintenance, it's something they'll be able to pick up and put down and always have fun in the middle. We have 10-15lbs basic longbows for the younger kids and wooden takedown recurve bows for ages 8+.

Make sure you check out our various Kid's Gift Packs to get a more full package to start on for the budget range, and if you're shooting at home definitely pick up a foam target!

Remember, archery gear can be fairly specific, so even though this is a prime selection for beginner to intermediate, contact us if you get stuck on what to choose!

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