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The Apex full recurve package is the best value for money on the market!

It features a wooden takedown bow, carry case, 10 arrows w/ storage quiver, glove, stick on arrow rest and bow stringer.
A high quality bundle for a low price!

Available in both Youth and Adult sizes, please select from the available options.

Also available in Left Handed for limited sizes!

The bow included in this package is an Apex Wooden Takedown Recurve.
Made from super high quality timber with a stunning fiberglass finish on the limbs.
Industry standard holes are drilled into the riser for any upgrades you might want to install.
Available in right handed and several different lengths and draw weights, this bow is ideal for the archer who wants a comfortable, yet fierce target shooting bow!

A 64cm by 44cm carry case designed specifically for the storage and transport of takedown bows.
Weather resistant material with a nice black coating, excellent interior padding for protection, full length zipper and handles for carrying or hanging up.
Simply take your recurve apart and store it in here and your bow is guaranteed to stay in good shape!
We recommend de-stringing your bow as often as you can to avoid losing string tension and protecting it from other hazards.

The arrows you will receive are determined by the draw weight of the bow you select; if the bow is under 25lbs, you will be given fiberglass arrows. Anything above receives aluminum arrows.
By having these selection of arrows, we are ensuring that you will get the best possible usage out of your bow, as fiberglass arrows are lighter they are better suited to lighter draw weights, and the opposite for aluminum.
In total, you will receive 10 of these arrows conveniently stored in a telescopic tube style storage quiver!


Also included in this package, are a 3 finger leather glove, arrow rest and bow stringer!
The glove is a finger shooting archer's best friend. Made from premium leather, it offers maximum protection for your shooting hand. *Colours may vary from picture.
An advanced alloy arrow rest will allow you to shoot away from the shelf, ensuring your arrow flights do not hit the riser and kick out. It has an adhesive back for easy installation.
The bow stringer will assist in putting together and taking apart your bow without hassle.


Rating: 5

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simple but awesome

By: on 5 April 2014

The first time I have picked up a bow in 20 years and it was easy to put together and easy to use. I got a 30# as I was told by a friend that was a good weight for me to start simple to use and once I got used to it accurate enough to hit a hare on the run at about 20 - 30 m ( with a small game blunt it woops now I have saber board heads...) very nice bow to use. I have just bought a Berserker 55# rts pro but still go back to my recurve for the simple light weight joy of it. will use this for many years to come. I was not sure about buying online and as I live near by I went in to the store. All the staff are only to happy to help and offer advice and most seem to have their own bows as well. I keep going back for the great friendly service.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Happy Days

By: on 25 January 2014

After careful consideration and time spent shooting my cheap 30 # "Archery" Bow and a friends 50 # Compound bow, I decided that a recurve bow suited me best as a hunting bow. I decided on Apex after reading a lot of good reviews online and also noting that the bows appeared to be good quality without costing an arm and a leg. Two days after ordering online my bow arrived (I live on the Sunshine Coast) and I was more than a little excited unpacking what I have now nicknamed "The Beast". I ordered a 66" Takedown @ 36 # and felt a little "weak" when compared to my friend and his 50 # compound, however, all thoughts of weakness were banished once a day on the field began! I am getting ahead of myself: The package opened up to produce a nice simple black soft carry case, not super quality but just what I need to transport my bow and store it safely. My two limbs with the bottom limb clearly displaying bow specs. A beautiful wooden riser with pre-drilled holes for limbs (with limb bolts), pre-drilled arrow rest hole, quiver holes and stabiliser hole. A very nice string with solid reinforced ends and midsection. A very nice hand made 3 finger glove. A very simple stick on arrow rest, and a very strange looking bow stringer. As well as my 10 x 30" blue aluminium arrows with field points and the 3 x sabretooth broad heads I ordered as an extra. I set to immediately putting together my bow: The limbs fit snugly in the riser and the limb bolts fit seamlessly through the limbs into the well tapped receiving holes. The stick on arrow rest went on and stuck fast after some careful alignment (the page says the package contains 2 x arrow rests but I believe I only received one, of course in my haste I may have lost one into the rubbish; regardless the one I have appears like it will last a long time). Then it came time to string up and the bow stringer appears to be the only part of the package I dislike, the end cup is not large enough and to me it just seems like a throw away extra. Luckily I already have a quality bow stringer and quickly made the switch and strung the bow ready for some testing. The Test: I took 9 of the arrows - 3 x arrows with field points, 3 x arrows with behind the point "bunny busters" fitted and 3 x arrows fitted with the sabretooth broad heads that proved to be perfectly sharp out of the box. I live on a large property so had the luxury of walking out the door to my own private range and blazing away. I use a large sheet of 4" think poly building foam as a target that has proven very resilient under 50 # compound attacks. I fitted the 3 finger glove and found it to be supple yet strong and can see it lasting many range shoots and hunts. I started nice and close at 10m and was completely blown away by the power produced by this bow at 27" draw length. After punching through nearly 100% of the target I moved back to roughly 25 m. I know it is only 36 # but I think I had undersold it so much in my head, especially with a lot of online chatter from compound enthusiasts about minimum poundage for accuracy and hunting effectiveness. The day was lost to archery...... I found the bow, arrows and arrow rest worked in perfect harmony with my instinctive shooting style and I saw a 25% increase in accuracy from using my cheap bow which I have shot maybe 100 arrows with. The bow felt perfectly weighted, string was perfect length, poundage on draw was perfect...everything seemed just right and I plan on making no adjustments to the bow whatsoever. I consistently shot 3/4" groups at 25 m with field points, busters and broad heads with each arrow usually penetrating the foam to 50-60% of the shaft. Due to not much shooting lately I probably wasn't even close to full draw, so I know there is plenty of potential in the beast. I had had concerns on the capabilities of this bow as a hunting bow but know from experience I can stalk up on a pig to within 25 m, so without much practice I've already got 'em dead and range can only improve. I see many a bunny stew and fox fur around my house in the near future and would even be confident enough to take a deer with this bow, although to be sure I'd probably get a bit more poundage. I am so happy with this bow I see myself buying a second very soon. Pros: Well Priced, Comfortable, Accurate, the list goes on Cons: Bow Stringer Hope this helps a potential buyer! Che

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


Brand Apex Hunting
Shipping Weight 4.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.210m
Shipping Height 0.250m
Shipping Length 0.830m
Shipping Cubic 0.043575m3

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