60lbs - STARTER KIT - APEX WARRIOR'X 60lbs / Outback Camo / Right Handed

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BRAND NEW MODEL- Suits people from 16 years to fully grown adults

The starter kit includes the following:

  • Warrior'X™ Bow
  • Full Size Arm Guard ($19.95)
  • 3x 30" Aluminium Arrows ($15)
  • Finger Tab ($7)
  • 2-Pin Plate Sight 
  • Screw-In Leaf style Arrow Rest




Perfect for people looking to get started into archery, the Warrior'X™ Bow is a fun and easy to use compound bow for teenagers and adults. With an adjustable draw weight from 40 to 60 lbs and draw lenght from 27 to 29 inches, it will suit a wide variety of beginners. The Warrior'X™ Bow is more adjustable, with longer and better warranty, and by far the more superior bow to any other bow in it's price range.

Why should you get the Warrior'X™:

  1. Strong, Simple, Easy:

    Unlike other entry level compound bows, the Warrior'X™'s riser is constructed out of aircraft grade aluminium, with injection moulded fibreglass limbs strung together with steel cables and dacron strings. What does all this mean? It simply means your bow is tough as a bull and durable. This also adds to the bow's overall simplicity, making it easy to use with less parts to go wrong.

  2. Professional Archery Team (not just importers), real and relevant Before and After Sale Service:

    Unlike other sellers and merchants who simply import archery gear and have no clue about the product they are selling, our professional bow technicians have been archery professionals for many years, and actively participate in archery and bowhunting. Our technicians also includes a world champion IFAA archer and even our founder is a professional bow hunter! This allows us to give you real and relevant advice and excellent before and after sales service. You can contact us on 1300 883 770 during business hours to talk to a real bow technician or even visit us in store at 22 Tombo Street, Capalaba, Brisbane, to see us in person.

  3. Kick Ass Warranty:

    Warrior'X™ Bow has a 3 year warranty covering the riser and limbs. This means that if a very rare problem occurs and there is a fault in your bow, other than general wear and tear, it can be repaired or replaced by Apex Hunting. You will find that other sellers will only provide warranty to the maximum of 1 year, if any. You can be the judge why that is the case. Also note that general traders and importers may not even be around by the time you need to make a warranty claim.
    Please Note: If you dry fire (which means letting go of your bow string without an arrow), it is considered misuse of your equipment and is not covered by warranty. This is the case for each and every bow in the market, not just Apex Hunting. Please make sure not to misuse your bow by dry firing it.  

  4. Arm Guard & Safety:

    Warrior'X™ Bow includes a full size arm guard to provide a safe shooting experience for the archer. A proper arm guard like the one included is key to avoiding any injury, which can easily happen especially while starting out. Warning! When buying an armguard, please make sure it is full length and made out of leather or vinyl. Other traders and importers will give you small plastic armguards with their products, which they do not realise is dangerous, especially for beginners. That type of armguard often does not reduce the risk of injury and may even cause more injury to the archer. Don't sacrifice your safety over a few dollars.

  5. Easy Adjustment:

    With the Warrior'X™, you can easily adjust your draw weight, i.e the poundage. The bow has an adjustment range of 40 to 60 lbs, which you can easily do at home yourself, with a suitable imperial allen key. The draw length is also adjustable from 27 to 29 inches. However, you will require a bow press to do so.



If you can't view video below, click here to view it on youtube.



Draw Weight 60 LBS (ADJUSTABLE 40 LBS - 60 LBS)
Draw Length 27 INCHES - 29 INCHES
Weight 4.4 LBS (2Kg) - Without Accessories
Let Off 70%
Axle to Axle 40.5 Inch
Configuration Right Handed ONLY
Colour Black
Arrows Recommended Carbon or Aluminium

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