Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Field Ready Kit Black / Right Handed

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The Apex Hunting FIELD READY kit for the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro gives you everything you need to get started in archery with a high quality bow.

On top of the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro's impressive RAK (Ready, Aim, Kill) package, in which you get;

  • Apex Gear Tundra 3 Pin Sight
  • Octane Hostage Arrow Rest
  • Octane 5 Inch Ultra-Lite Stabilizer
  • Octane 5 Arrow Quiver
  • Diamond Archery Wrist Sling
  • Tubular Peep sight and Dloop

We have included the following accessories, to give you a full and complete package;

  • Large Super Heavy Duty Bow Case
  • 12x Carbon Blackout Arrows (Colours May Vary)
  • Release Aid
  • Arm Guard
  • 6x Broadheads

There is also an Apex Hunting official hat, so that you can be part of the team.

This kit will be complete and set up in the box, so that you can take it out and get started right away!

We also recommend purchasing a foam target, if you are shooting at home.


  • This bow will be set up at the default factory settings of 60lbs draw weight and 26 Inch draw length - Please specify if you need this changed
  • The peep sight will be set at 6 inches from the d-loop, this is a fairly average height but will not suit every archer - Please specify if you would like it in a different position, or if you do not want it installed so that you can get another pro shop to install it locally to suit your requirements.
  • The bow will need to be tuned - please check that your arrow rest and sight are in line with the string before shooting to ensure that you can begin sighting in correctly and do not suffer any loss or damage to your arrows or surroundings from a missed shot.

The most adjustable and versatile bow on the market has been taken to a whole new level.

Building off of their best-selling bow ever, the Infinite Edge, Diamond has pulled out all the stops with the Infinite Edge Pro.

They extended the draw length to 31", allowing a whole new category of longer-draw shooters to call the Infinite Edge Pro their own.

But it didn’t stop there; they also completely redesigned the cam system to create an incredibly smooth draw cycle and added a solid back wall to give this bow yet another edge over all of the competition.

To top it off, added a stabilizer for perfect balance, making the Infinite Edge Pro ready for anything.

The Infinite Edge Pro is, without a doubt, the superior choice for those seeking a high quality, versatile, feature packed bow.

Draw Weight: 5-70lbs

Mass Weight: 3.2lbs

Effective Let-Off: 80%

Draw Length: 13-31"

Kinetic Energy: 74.7

Axle to Axle: 31"

IBO Speed: 310

Brace Height: 7"

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