Prime Compound Bow Nexus 6 RH 60#-(24.5-31.5) 65%-90% Let-Off Copper/Black

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Introducing Prime's new Nexus series of bow's, built for speed, comfort and shooting ability. Perfect for shooters seeking a bow for consistent target archery and hunting with extreme speeds for such a long Axle-to-Axle at 36".

Here's a look at some of the features that make the Nexus 6 a great choice for your next bow! 

  • R2 Roto Cam - The R2 Roto Cam features cable stops that create the perfect solid back wall feel; the factory let-off is 80% but has the flexibility to shift from 65-90%. 
  • Easy-Tune Shim System - This system allows for an up to .03" cam adjustment left and right for fast and easy tuning.
  • Nano Grip - Prime has designed a best in their class molded grip with intergrated aerogel. This grip is used for it's amazing insulation properties, keeping your hands comfortablewithout the need for gloves or wrap. 
  • Parallel Cam Technology - Parallel Cam Technology designed to eliminate cam lean. This will make the bow easier to tune and provides a solid platform creating laser beam like nock travel.
  • Centergy Technology - Centergy Technology is a center balanced riser designed to actually help you be more accurate. Get there faster and stay there longer! Centergy Technology not only  provides great balance, but it will also help you shoot better.
  • Flexis AR - Featuring adjustable flexing roller guard. This advanced technology is a very powerfull tool for tuning and also reducing side load caused by the cables. This reduction of torque in the riser will promote perfect nock travel.
  • 82X Aluminium Riser - Prime's riser's are perfect mixture of strength along with being lightweight. A proprietary blend aluminum is not only stronger, but is also lighter then what the other manufactures are using.
  • Compression Axle Technology - CAT is designed to use the axle bearing to its full potential. In addition to a solid platform this also prevents slippage of the bearings. This technology is commonly used in the motorcycle industry.
  • The Swerve - "The Swerve" is a riser design created to add stiffness to the riser and also syncs the top and bottom half of the riser. This technology drastically reduces variations in nock travel.


Check out Prime's video below for more information!


  • Speed (ATA) - 331 fps
  • Axle to Axle - 36 Inch
  • Brace Height 6.5 Inch
  • Mass Weight - 4.5lbs
  • Cam - R2
  • Draw Lengths - 24.5 - 31.5 inch
  • Draw Weights - 40. 50. 60, 70, 80lbs
  • Let-off - 65 - 90%

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