True Blue Broadheads - Crossbreed 3pk

Hybrid mechanical broadhead that adds an additional cut

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True Blue Broadheads have released the Crossbreed broadhead, an exclusive world first hybrid mechanical broadhead that creates wound channels like no other.

The Crossbreed broadhead at first glance looks like an expandable broadhead with a huge 2 inch cutting diameter but with a blunt head. If you look closer you'll find that the tip of the Crossbreed is actually designed with in built standard threads to suit any field tip or broadhead. This essentially allows you to break the limit of a traditional arrow and broadhead setup and deal unbelievable entry and exit cuts on even the biggest game in the world. The 160gn total weight of each Crossbreed broadhead will also send your penetration and kinetic energy through the roof.

Being True Blue Broadheads first and flagship product, they left nothing behind with the Crossbreed broadhead; each packet includes 3 fully assembled broadheads with a whole lot of additional spare parts (6 Replacement blades, 12 O-rings and 12 spacers). 

The Crossbreed broadhead has already been adopted by many seasoned bowhunters around Australia, find out what all the buzz is about for yourself!

Apex Hunting Tuning Tips

First of all, keep in mind the Crossbreed weighs 160gn on it's own, so you will most likely need to increase the spine rating of your arrows to accomodate the extra flex and weight F.O.C. (Forward of Center) that they will create. Take a look at the spine chart for your arrows of choice and go for a full size up in spine if you are right on the middle currently, or consider two sizes up if on the very edge.

We recommend going for a lighter broadhead setup, keep in mind the Crossbreed will be hitting harder than most other broadheads you can buy, so it is important to go for an easier to tune arrow rather than the maximum possible weight.

When installing the Crossbreed to your arrow insert, try to have them facing all in the same direction so that each arrow is built consistently. You can do this by installing your inserts with broadheads already in them so that they match the direction of the vanes, using a hot melt glue so that you can rotate the insert in the arrow shaft or by adding spacers inside the insert.

What tip to use;

  • Fixed Blade - A fixed blade broadhead looks downright wicked on the end of the Crossbreed and will provide bonebreaking power up front while the mechanical blades create a huge wound channel. To tune a fixed blade broadhead correctly, screw the broadhead in to each Crossbreed and take a look at the direction they are pointing. Consider offsetting the blade of your broadhead to the Crossbreed for maximum lethality. If the blades are not lining up consistently between each broadhead, try swapping broadheads around and using the spacers included in the packet to change where the thread ends on each head. You definitely need to make sure each broadhead is facing the same direction so that arrow flight is consistent.
  • Mechanical Broadhead - Adding a mechanical broadhead up front will effectively double your cutting power. Consider using a good mechanical with a chisel tip so that you still get good penetration while all of your expandable blades do huge damage. Still make sure your blades face in the same direction like a fixed blade for the most accurate result.
  • Blunts - Blunts have been used on small game for decades with great success. The addition of the Crossbreed broadhead will ensure your pests don't have time to get into their nests or warrens when the mechanical blades do their part.
  • Field tips - The Crossbreed broadhead on it's own is one of the most lethal mechanical heads you can get. An extra sharp field tip will give you the absolute best flight accuracy, penetration on the target and the Crossbreed will bring the meat home.

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