Our Story - About Us

It's in our nature!

G'day! I am Jonas Rohrl and I am a bow hunter, spearfisher and founder of Apex Hunting. 

I love bow hunting, spearfishing, anything to do with the outdoors and cold beer! I grew up in the bush in Thora, NSW and have been an avid spearo and fisherman for as long as I can remember.
                                                      Bow Hunting in Glen Innes, NSW September 2014

                                               Bow Hunting in Northern NSW April 2014           

                                         Spearfishing in Lady Musgrave Island (2010), best place on Earth

In 2011, I was on a road trip that took me around Australia and a year to complete. Little did I know that this trip would be a life changer for me.
It was during this trip, and travelling through our vast land, I started developing a keen interest in bow hunting. It started mainly after I had a ton of fun just stalking wild pigs across Australia. Looking back, I think it's only natural that I would turn out to be a keen Archer/Bow Hunter as well.
Having never done Archery before, I did not have the first clue where to start. Information was so hard to find online, not to mention inconsistent from one website to another.

I decided to go to an Archery store and asking for advice there would be the best thing to do. 

Before bow hunting, I did a lot of this; stalking wild pigs in bush barefeet

                  During the trip around Australia, I also got to jump off amazing waterfalls and eat a lot of fish I caught

What happened in the Archery store, more or less, directly contributed to the start of Apex Hunting. 

I was simply after a a decent beginner bow,  and not looking to fork out a grand right at the start. I wanted to practice more before I got something high end. 

Boy, was I up for a dissapointment. I quickly found out that:

a) There were no decent bows I could get for a few hundred dollars
b) The shop assistant lost interest in me the moment they realised I was not an experienced archer
c) They just wanted me to pay three/four times more than my budget for a bow that was an overkill for someone just starting out
I simply could not buy a bow for a few hundred dollars, the Archery shops I went were also very unwilling to help. Instead of listening to my needs, or being thoughtful of my budget, they kept pushing me towards a bow which was three times more than what I wanted to pay.

I tried my luck in a few more stores before giving up. Frustrated, I resorted to buying a second hand bow, without any warranty or any information, on auction on eBay. 

                                                                         Bow Hunting in 2014


This is why and how Apex Hunting was formed in 2012; to make Archery easy to get into, safer and affordable. And most importantly, to spread the love of the lifestyle!

Now we are a team of many archery and bowhunting fanatics, and have served countless customers all around Australia, and New Zealand!

We also stock most major Archery brands and we keep on continually adding new brands and developing more 

Apex Hunting opened it's first retail Store in Capalaba, Brisbane in September 2013, we boast a 16 meter long indoor Archery Range next to our retail store, where we will help you learn to shoot and tune your new bow.

We are constantly talking with our customers and fellow archers to see how they are finding things, getting feedback and changing things around to improve your experience with us and also your experience as an archer. If you have anything to suggest to us or even have any issues, feel free to let us know straight away. 

Getting into Archery has not only opened up our world, it now is what we do 24/7. It is what we do for fun and also what we do for a living.

The exhilaration of being outdoors, the connection we feel with the land, the excitement that hitting your target brings,  the goosebumps you get while you stalk your prey, and the thrill of being alive, and above all, the respect you feel for the animal, are some of the things that made us mad about archery. 

Our motto is very simple and very clear. Apex Hunting just wants to share the same excitement, the same thrill  and the same rush Archery gives us with the rest of the world. 

We want to:

1. Make it easier for people to buy Archery
2. Make it easier to find the right information, and guide them to the right place
3. Share the passion and joy Archery can bring with as many people as possible 

Our journey has only started, and Apex Hunting will continue to do it's best to achieve our motto. And you, regardless of how old or young you are, how proficient or inept you are, you fellow Archer, have been and will always be the most important part of Apex Hunting. 

Apex Hunting is made up of you guys, and our mutual love of Archery is what binds us all together. 

If you want to reach me personally about anything, please don't hesitate to do so at info@apexhunting.com.au

This is our story, the Apex Story, and now you know. 


Founder of Apex Hunting