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Berserker Evolve Series 2 comes with everything Installed, Bolted On and Ready to Go straight out of the Box!





This kit is for someone who wants to take Archery/Bow Hunting seriously.You get ALL the accesories + the String Accessories PROFESSIONALLY INSTALLED! 

You want the string accessories installed but don't know how to or can't/ don't want to go to an Archery shop and pay extra to do so. Hence, the string accessories are also installed for you before being sent out.

Here is the full list of gear you get in this kit:

  • Arm Guard ($14.95)
  • 3 x 30" Carbon Arrows ($24)
  • INSTALLED BoosterPRO Optic Sight ($69.95)
  • BoosterPRO Stabiliser ($39.95)
  • INSTALLED Tubular Peep Sight (6)
  • INSTALLED String Silencer ($5.50)
  • INSTALLED D-Loop Material ($5)
  • INSTALLED Wrist Sling ($11.50)
  • Quiver ($29.95)
  • INSTALLED Full Brush Arrow Rest ($25)
  • Installation Tools (FREE)
  • Release Aid ($34.95)

Professional installation of String Accessories by Bow Technician ($40):

  • Installed String Silencer
  • Installed D-Loop Material
  • Installed Tubular Peep

Berserker Evolve Demo Shoot

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How To Adjust Draw Weight and Length - Berserker Evolve Tutorial Video

If you can't view video below, click here to view it on youtube


The all new Berserker Evolve™ has just landed at Apex Hunting. The Berserker Evolve™ has all the advantages of a premium bow without the premium price tag! It truly is the perfect bow for anyone who is conscious about their budget, but doesn't want to sacrifice quality. 

The Berserker Evolve™ has been designed with the Aussie bowhunter and novice target shooter in mind. Checkout why you SHOULD go berserk for the Berserker Evolve™ below:

  1. 1. Extreme Adjustablity:

    The Berserker Evolve™ will suit almost all archers due to its extreme adjustability.

    Berserker Evolve™ 75 = Draw Weight: 30 lbs - 75 lbs, Draw Length: 25 - 31 Inches

  2. This massive range of adjustability makes it the perfect bow for young teenagers all the way to full grown adults!

  3. Please note the lowest advertised poundage is only achievable on the lowest draw length and the highest poundage on the highest draw length etc.

  4. 2. Easy Peasy Adjustment:

    What's the point of having a sick bow that's massively adjustable, if you need to keep running back to the Archery store and  pay a technician to get it done on a bow press? With the Berserker Evolve™, you can adjust both the draw weight and draw length without changing limbs/cams, or using a bow press. For you this means, good bye annoying expensive trips to Archery shop, hello 30 second adjustments at home!

  5. 3. Extremely Fast:

    Capable of surprisingly fast speed of upto 313fps IBO, the Berserker Evolve™ is the fastest bow at this price range.

  6. 4. Lightweight:

    At just 2 kgs (4.4 lbs), the Berserker Evolve™ is so lightweight that you can carry it all day when out hunting, or during competitions.

  7. 5. Smooth Draw Cycle:

    The Berserker Evolve™ has one of the smoothest draw cycles of any bow on the market. It also has the added  benefit of 75-80% effective let off. 

  8. 6. Improved Accuracy with 75-80% let off:

    With an effective let off of 75-80%, the Berserker Evolve™ lets you draw and hold your bow that much easier. What does 75% let off mean? This means that when you draw your bow back, at full draw, the bow will hold 75% of the poundage, and you will physically only be exerting 25% of whatever poundage you have set your bow at. You see why this makes it easy to draw, hold and aim?

  9. 7. Reduced vibration and noise:

    Berserker Evolve™ features an advanced String Stop and Split Limbs. This removes all vibration and drastically reduces noise after your arrow is released. Without the extra vibration and noise, what this means for you, is that your bow is much more comfortable to shoot and deadly quiet. 

  10. 8. Strong as a bull (or a plane):

    Berserker Evolve™ is constructed from  Aircraft Grade aluminium. We would say this makes it bullet proof, but we actually haven’t tried putting a bullet through it, so we won’t. It is really really solid though, and you’ll feel the difference when you hold it in your hands. 

Berserker Evolve™ & Bow Hunting:

With it’s fast speed of upto 313fps IBO, the Berserker Evolve™ the fastest bow at its price range. But unlike other fast bows, the Berserker Evolve doesn’t sacrifice a smooth draw for speed. Infact, the Berserker Evolve has one of the smoothest draw cycles of any bow on the market and with the added benefit of 75%-80% effective let off. But what does any of this have to do with hunting? Well more speed means more kinetic energy which in turn produces an increased chance of a quick, clean kill and a smooth draw cycle with 75%-80% let off makes it easier to draw and hold. This makes those sometimes awkward shots experienced while bowhunting a whole lot easier.

The Berserker Evolve™ is also far more quiet than the previous model. The Berserker Evolve™ includes a String Stop with a rubber bumper, which removes vibration and drastically reduces noise,  making it far more quiet. This is especially important if you plan to hunt with your bow.

However, this doesn't mean that you can't use this bow for competition or target shooting. All these benefits make the Berserker Evolve incredibly accurate and easy to shoot which in turn makes archery a lot more fun and a whole lot easier for everyone.

Draw Weight 75 (30-75 LBS)
Draw Length 25 - 31 INCHES
Weight 4.4 LBS (2 KG) - Without Accessories
Let Off 75-80%
Axle to Axle 31-1/4 INCHES
Brace Height 7.5 INCHES
Cam System Dual Cam
Configuration Right Handed ONLY
International Upgrade Holes? Yes

Evolve 75

By: on 5 April 2020
Really happy with my bow it is fantastic, also the help I received whilst shopping for it was excellent, I think it was a gentleman named Wayne and he was a great help and gave me the confidence to jump on it. All I really wanted was to say thanks guys and it arrived 4 days after paying for it which was fantastic considering how things have been going recently, made my year thanks again apex. I will be reccomending you guys to anybody I know that wants to purchase a bow and be shopping with youmyself here out. Cheers Marc

Newbie Friendly

By: on 18 February 2020
I bought myself one for Xmas, now I'm hammering arrows every single day! I had many anxieties about shooting, A hobby id been looking at getting into for a while now, but didn't want to fork out big money in case for whatever reason I ended up not shooting much. This has been so much fun, after a few hours of tuning it to my preferred draw length, draw weight and honing the sights in im getting tidy little groupings at 30M, something id been worried might take years to get good enough to do. Im completely new to this, but adjusted my bow to my preferences in an afternoon and now it feels like an extension of my arm. The arrows just go where I want them to. I was put off in the past as I live in a smaller town and reading online about taking my bow to a pro shop and getting them to do stuff like this was basically out of the question. When hanging out with friends and shooting last weekend, they all were super jealous that I had a bow that didn't break the bank and me with a massive grin on my face every time I bested them. I dont have much to compare it to, but last weekend my bow was the quietest out of everyones bows, and friends were saying it was shooting the fastest too (note they dropped over $1000 on their bows from the local gun shop, trust they wont be shopping there anymore) with the added benefit of a sight with fibre optic bits and a UV light so you have great low light /night aiming potential. Also got a good-sized peep sight so you can see clearly. You guys have me hooked! Thanks so much. Best purchase I've made in YEARS, I'm about to throw my PS4 in the trash (who needs one when you have a compound bow like this?!) My new favourite noise is the" thwop" of my arrows hitting my target at 300 and whatever FPS. I'm going to practice for a few more months before I go bush with it, but thats a nice personal goal to work towards. If you have read this review up until this point, just put the damn Berserker in your cart, every day you don't have one to shoot you are missing out. @Apex can you add an extra star to your rating system? In my eyes, this deserves a 6/5..... no, a solid 7/5.


By: on 6 February 2020
Lowkey pretty lazy so wont go into to detail but this bow is seriously amazing, all the vital things like cam synchronization where spot on and easy to adjust draw weight and length even if ya havnt touched a bow before. Mine is set up at 60 lbs with a 29inch draw and i am digging it.. No its not as good as a Hoyt RX-4 or something like that but its plenty goo enough for goofing around and shooting rabbits and the like. 10 outa 10 would buy another one

Great Starter Bow

By: on 27 March 2017
Just started archery and hunting. Bought this Bow because of reasonable price and features. It shoots really well and is rather quiet. Smooth draw and very functional design. The accessories are great too. The sight is good quality and even lights up for lower light situations. Quiver is great and hold arrows well, without too much trouble to retrieve them. Bought this in store and I was allowed to trial it before taking it home. The store worker helped to adjust the bow to the correct draw weight and length, So I wouldn't have any trouble at home. Overall I am very happy with the purchase and will be returning shortly to Apex to get more arrows and accessories.

Berserker evolve Pro-kit

By: on 26 August 2016
Recently bought this kit but have not put it to the test yet.This is my first compound bow purchase. The Bow was packed well and reached me within 10 days after purchase. The kit comes fitted with peep site , wrist strap,string silences and D-loop. The five pin pro site and brush rest have to be put on by yourself or take it to a bow shop to be done for you ! The stabiliser just screws in place ! There is lots of how to videos on u-tube and I am going to try and site in my bow myself cause of my restricted income.Value for money ; I would say this bow is very well priced for the bow it is ( keep in mind I have not fired it yet)and the gear that comes with it ! I payed $399 for the Berserker Evolve Pro-kit and a soft carry case for it ! All up $458 or there about.Good first time bow and great if you have a limited budget like myself !! After talking to a few local archers ; (Mudgee Area,NSW)I was very glad that I had not bought from a local camping shop which had a lesser Compound bow for the same price. It was of a lesser poundage as well. The guys at Apex Hunting are able and willing to answer any questions you have about their products ! ( Thanks Guys ). After I have had some time with my new toy I will try and add more comments.

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