Field Ready Upgrade Kit for Takedown Recurve Bows [Arrow Spine: 600]

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Arrow Spine

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Everything but the bow!

If you've purchased, or are going to purchase a takedown recurve bow and want to give it a complete pack - upgrade it to a Field Ready kit!

Hand packed by Apex staff in our Brisbane location, this is the recurve adaptation of our famous compound bow field ready kits, with the same post-purchase support and expertise you can rely on. Full of value, each component has been carefully selected by our experts to maximize your archery experience and minimize the burden on your wallet.  

With all the essentials covered, it’ll be easy for you to focus on actually shooting instead of getting bogged down in what gear you need.

We’ll give you a breakdown on what comes included: 

  • 12x Carbon arrows  - Blackout’s top rated traditional archery arrows, cut to 30” and fletched with green/white feather vanes.
  • Bow case - You can store your entire set-up in this case with confidence that it will be safe through any transit or accidental rough handling.
  • Bow stringer - Quality leather stringer to help you safely string/de-string the bow.
  • Leather Armguard - A sleek, tough leather arm protector to keep you safe.
  • Shooting Glove - Protect your shooting fingers and provide a clean release. Easy to strap on and ultra-comfortable. Please let us know if you require a certain size!
  • Bear Hair Arrow rest - Stick on to elevate your arrow from the shelf of the bow, soft hair allows your feathered arrows to pass through smoothly and be deadly accurate.Easy to install, simply peel and stick on. Can be cut or styled, if desired.
  • String wax - Maintain your bow string from fraying. Bowstring wax prolongs the life of your bowstring and helps prevent fraying and string dry-out.
  • Nocking clip x 2 - Press onto the string with pliers to create a consistent nocking point for your arrow.

All leather products come with Mantras quality guarantee: All Mantra Archery accessories are handmade with real leather, so you can expect the fabric to be tough and last a lifetime. Your item will come with a 1 year warranty to cover any workmanship issues that might occur with the stitching of different panels and parts.

What spine arrow do I need?

Use the following scale to determine what spine size to purchase;

1-32lbs Bow - 600

32-41lbs Bow - 500

42-56lbs Bow - 400

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