The Hoyt VTM 31 compound bow, available at Apex Hunting now!

Refined and Redefined, VTM™ is the engineering evolution of Hoyt's most proven riser design, the Ventum Pro, with advancements in every aspect—including a 31% sound reduction.

Rugged, compact and smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy. VTM 31 sets the bar for maneuverability in tight spots with In-Line™ compatible accessories.

QUIETER WHEN ACCESSORIZED (Accessories sold separately)

Traditional accessories always run the risk of introducing more vibration, noise or even rattles. With Hoyt’s In-Line System, their already incredibly quiet bows get even quieter when accessorized. You read that right. Tested in the sound lab, the VTM 31 with In-Line accessories was 11% quieter than without accessories. Using integrated riser mounts, accessories lock-down with zero tolerance and work together as a system – streamlining your bow for the ultimate shot experience.


The highly effective Holeshot string silencer is now even better - killing even more noise and vibration than before. And we aren’t talking about a small difference that only our testing sensors could pick up. It’s a noticeable and obvious difference to the shooter.


This simple improvement in the riser design gives your drop away cord a straight shot to your cable, keeping your setup clean and tangle free.


Almost a ridiculous amount of adjustability and even smoother than its predecessor, HBX Pro is pure engineering black magic. Two different modules optimize speed and energy in your draw length.


Made from Versaflex™ for ultimate comfort, and designed at an optimum angle for consistent hand placement and accuracy.

342 FPS (ATA)
30⅝" Axle-to-Axle
6" Brace height
4.6 Pounds
25-30" Draw length
30-80# Draw weight

Hoyt Size buying guide;

Draw Weight

Hoyt bows are advertised at their maximum draw weight, and are adjustable down by 10lbs. For example, a 70lbs bow is adjustable between 60-70lbs. For the best shooting experience, Apex Hunting always recommends getting a bow that you can shoot at the maximum spec settings (e.g. if you can only manage 61lbs comfortably, you're better off buying a 60lbs bow and getting the most out of that platform, rather than winding a 70lbs back).

Draw Length

Hoyt bows come in different cam sizes in order to retain maximum efficiency. Like draw weight, bows will always perform at their best when maxed out for draw length too - ensuring your cam gets a full rotation means it produces a faster arrow. It's important that you get your draw length measured and pick from the drop down boxes at the top of this page the correct cam size that fits your draw length. For any assistance with finding out your best draw weight and length, get in contact with the Apex Hunting team today!

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Hoyt VTM 31 Compound Bow RH 70#-(25.0-28.0) (Mod 1) 80-85% Let Off Black Out


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