Wildcrete Digging Fox 3D Foam Target

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The Wildcrete Digging Fox 3D Target for recreational and competitive 3D target shooting is a unique addition for your archery range. 


Moulded by Wildcrete’s signature self healing foam, this lifelike fox target is perfect for hunting and competitive practice. Designed to withstand heaps of arrows put through it’s two broadside target zones, it makes a good choice for 3D competitive shooting and for backyard shooters.  


Part of the hand painted World Game series by Wildcrete, this target looks to simulate the Fox digging into the ground after pouncing on the burrow of a small critter. Either to protect wildlife or for sport, this animal is hunted all over Australia. Simulate the perfect medium range kill with this gorgeous hand painted target. The target will need to be propped up or mounted with a support post.


Small in size, this target measures in at 250mm long, 650mm high and 250mm wide, but due to its high density self healing foam it’s more than capable of absorbing a ton of arrows. Featuring 2 broadside target zones with universal scoring rings it makes this target perfect for hunters practicing kill shots, as well as target shooters going for a high score! Apex Hunting recommends keeping the target dry and out of the sun, as well as removing all arrows after each session to allow the foam to heal. Using lighter poundage bows with target tips will increase the longevity of the target however with the high durability of the foam most setups are viable.


Wildcrete’s Digging Fox is a staple for any archer or club looking to add a common game target in a unique pose. Available in store and online!



·      Weight – 4.6kg

·      Height – 650mm

·      Width – 250mm

·      Length – 250mm

·      Scoring Zones – x2 broadside shots – Universal rings - Group 4 Target

·      Usage – 3D competition or recreational archery

·      Hand painted; so each is unique and may differ slightly

·      High Density, self-healing foam

·      One-piece construction

·      Recommended use with target tips

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