Big Fella's Bow Strings - Custom Bowstrings [Speed Buttons: No] [String/Cable Type: Binary Cam 3 Piece String/Cable set]

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Full set custom bow strings from Big Fella's Bow Strings, made of premium BCY materials and made by hand with your custom specifications. 

We've been fans of Big Fella's Bow Strings for a long while now, with our staff shooting Big Fella's handmade full set custom strings on their own setups. So we're super excited to finally be offering these custom strings to our customers directly, as they exceed the industry standards in bow string performance. Offering multiple colour options and speed button installation, your new custom string will not only look exactly like how you want them, but will also shoot to their ideal speeds!

After switching from factory strings to custom strings you'll never look back; great strings really do make for great shooting. Here's a list of some things that custom strings will bring you:

  • Custom strings are pre stretched - This means less peep rotation as the string settles in and less string creep (string stretch), therefore no cam timing thrown off over time! Not to mention these strings are made from a superior material.
  • You'll have a backup string set - You can keep your old string and cables for a rainy day. If all bowhunters had a backup set of strings for when accidents happen you'd see a lot less tears out during the rut, by having a second set of strings on hand you're really insuring your trip incase of bow string related emergencies!
  • Aesthetics - You know what would look best on your bow with the rest of your gear, an archers bow is an extension of themselves when you're out on the field, so having awesome looking strings looking exactly how you want is super important. You could go fruity bright for target archery or dark and stealthy for hunting, whatever you think would look good.
  • Less serving separation - These custom bowstrings are made by hand with the serving being wrapped as tightly as possible by someone that really cares about quality. Factory strings unfortunately just cannot compete with the time and premium material that goes into Big Fella’s Bow Strings.

Made in Australia, these strings are made with extreme care. Having them made domestically means no more waiting for overseas suppliers through customs, no more issues with far away quality control and warranties. Being only a step removed from the Big Fella yourself means unparalleled service, with Apex Hunting in the middle to assist, we offer professional and efficient installation, experienced staff advice and post sale support if you have any questions or concerns.

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This product is for the product alone and does not contain install costs. 

Photo's are of staff shooter bows with Big Fella's Bow Strings installed.

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