Elite Compound Bow Envision RH 40#-(23.5-30.5) 70%-90% Let Off Cobalt Blue

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The 2022 EnVision integrates a target-inspired design into a compact, stealthy and deadly hunting rig. With wider limbs and a longer, straighter riser, the EnVision strategically positions the weight over the grip, and behind the shooter for a balanced and rock-solid platform.

Featuring Elite Archery’s proprietary SET Technology- Simplified. Exact. Tuning, the EnVision is easily tuned to optimize performance while the nearly 7 inch brace height will leave you experiencing new levels of accuracy. The EnVision’s ASYM Tri-Track Cam System with Versa Performance Mod allows for micro draw length adjustment in just quarter-inch increments, can be customized from 70 to 90 percent let-off, and ensures downrange devastation with speeds reaching up to 334 FPS.

The NEW VRT - Vibration Reduction Technology combined with VibeX blocks stifles noise and virtually eliminates residual vibration.

Here's a look at some of the features that make Elite the most shootable brand on the market.

  • Simplified Exact Tuning - Elite's unique and innovative S.E.T. Technology, or Simplified Exact Tuning, allows micro-adjustments to the cam attitude with adjustments at the limb pocket. Adjustment at the limb pocket delivers an incredibly simple tuning process at the most stable portion of the bow. Paper tuning. Walk back tuning. Bare shaft tuning. Broadhead tuning. All with no bow press required.
  • Versa Mod System - The Versa Performance Mod provides Micro draw length adjustments of just quarter inch increments so that you no longer have to compromise with a draw length that’s too short, or too long. And with a let off range of 70 to 90 percent and the several backwall options included, you’re truly able to craft a custom shooting experience tailored to your stature and style.
  • Tri-Track cams - The larger cam profile of the ASYM Tri-Track cams increases the string angle for an aim, anchor, and shot acquisition that’s incredibly comfortable for shot after shot consistency.
  • Remedy Limbs - Elite's bullet-proof limbs have long been a hallmark of the quality and shootability found in Elite bows. Now working with the StabiLock Limb Pockets and Asym Tri-Track Cams, the wider limb stance delivers unparalleled stability. The stability in this platform delivers a bow that aims and holds with rock-solid confidence.
  • Precision Grip - With a narrower throat and wider base, the Precision Grip fit’s like a glove and ensures consistent and repeatable hand placement.
  • Target-inspired Design - The 2022 EnVision integrates a target-inspired design into a compact, maneuverable, and stealthy hunting rig. With wider limbs and a longer, straighter riser, the EnVision strategically positions the weight over the grip, and behind the shooter for ultimate balance and unapparelled stability on the 31” platform.


  • Speed (ATA) - 334 fps
  • Axle to Axle - 31 Inch
  • Brace Height - 6 7/8 Inch
  • Mass Weight - 4.45lbs
  • Draw Length - 23.5 - 30.5 Inch

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